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Developer: Atopecode Studio.

Genre: Arcade Platform Adventure.

Started in: 2016

Website: www.atopecode.net

Platforms: PC

Social media:

Twitter: @atopecode

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/atopecode


'Lava Rolling Kid' is an Arcade Platform's game in which the adventurer will have to hurry in arriving to the peak with care of not falling to the lava.

In his way will find with wicked enemies that will try to take him, will be able to destroy them the fastest possible before burning in the lava or arrive to the highest rebounding on them and achieve the greater number of possible points collecting diamonds and realising spectacular combos to surpass the record.

You will have to practice to become a master in 'Lava Rolling Kid'.

CONTROLS (XBox360 GamePad or Keyboard):

Right: 'right' keyboard or 'right' Xbox GamePad.

Left: 'left' keyboard or 'left' Xbox GamePad.

Jump: 's' keyboard or 'A' Xbox GamePad.

Hit: 'd' keyboard or 'B' Xbox GamePad (hold pressed while you are in the air or over floor).

Pause: 'esc' keyboard or 'back' Xbox GamePad.

Select Menu Option: 'Enter' keyboard or 'Start' Xbox GamePad.

Exit Options/Tutorial/Credits Screen: 'Esc' Keyboard or 'back' Xbox GamePad or press 'Ok' button.


-It treats of a game of platforms, but some time has seen game of platforms in which it can rebound on the enemies and do jumps and spectacular twists?

-Awesome control and gameplay.

-Arcade Game: You must play one and more times to become good in this game.

-Access to inferior platforms using the 'Hit' button.

-Diverse levels, crazy enemies and possibility of combos.

-Make Combos! Jump over enemies holding pressed the 'Hit Button' and rebound  jumping  higher over others enemies.

-'Tutorial Option' where you can learn to control this game like a pro.

-Game addictive to the that can play an and again without boring . The difficulty of the game increases automatically every time that it surpass the last level.

-Controls: 'XBox 360 GamePad' or 'Keyboard'.

-Normal and Retro Mode: If you completed the game the 'Retro Mode' will be unlocked and you can play the game with retro resolution!


Lava Rolling Kid is created by Atopecode. It is born of an inspiration of game retro modern at the same time that innovative. It has wanted to create a game in where the main base was to amuse and have a good time one and again.


Buy Now$2.99 USD or more

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